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Takeover of Companies in Distress

The firm represents and assists clients planning to acquire all or part of companies in distress or subject to collective proceedings.

The firm is involved upstream of collective proceedings as counsel in connection with the renegotiation or restructuring of bank or bondholder loans to companies. It also assists capital investors and industrials wishing to help companies in distress by way of purchasing an interest or providing structured loans.

Once collective proceedings have started, the firm assists its clients to draw up a takeover plan, negotiate with the various parties involved (creditors and other bodies), assists with defining the scope of the takeover project, risk assessment, assistance in court and implementation of the takeover project.

Due to the firm’s recognized practice in this matter, we have been involved in major cases involving dealings with the AMF (Autorité des marchés financiers: financial market watchdog) and the CIRI (Comité interministériel de restructuration industriel: inter-ministerial industrial restructuring committee).