IT, Internet, new technologies

IT law

When it comes to IT, UGGC Avocats assists its clients to set up integrated software packages, to draw up software licence and maintenance agreements, data base licences, to outsource services (outsourcing, ASP, SaaS, hosting in the Cloud, dematerialization and certification, etc.).  UGGC Avocats is also involved in connection with public IT procurement contracts and as consultant for local authorities.

New technologies – Internet

Digital technology reshapes distribution, manufacturing, exchange and cooperation models and enriches contractual matter which must adapt and anticipate new methods of value creation.

UGGC Avocats deals with all aspects of distribution on the Interned.  The IP-IT team assists its clients with the creation of their Internet sites, the management of their e-commerce platforms (commercial website, price comparison, etc.), and social networks, the online marketing of data bases (from public or proprietary data), the drafting of e-commerce contractual documents.

UGGC Avocats assists its clients with litigations in relation to their IT systems, and for instance the integration of integrated software packages, the exercising of regulated activities (online games and bets), the capture of data bases contents, the infringement of personal data, people’s image or private life.

Our firm also deals with infringement law suits, law suits for the infringement of the sui generis right of data bases producer, for unfair competition, slander or violation of human rights, for the withdrawal of damaging content published online.

UGGC Avocats also assists its clients to ensure that they manage personal data in compliance with applicable regulations, in the midst of the transition going on at European level with the adoption of a new European Regulation in 2015.

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