Release of the Chinese-English-French law dictionary “Ricci”

16 June 2021

Zhen Huang, partner at UGGC Law Firm, contributed to the Chinese-English-French Law Dictionary “Ricci” published in March 2021.

«The Ricci Dictionary of Chinese Law was co-published by Brill and the Ricci Association in December 2020. It contains nearly 24,000 Chinese terms, transcribed in pinyin phonetics and translated into French and English. Two different editions have been published by Brill, one in traditional characters and one in simplified characters.

The preparation of the Ricci Dictionary of Chinese Law took more than ten years and involved a team of French and Chinese lawyers and jurists as well as American, Canadian, English and Australian contributors and reviewers. Some forty Chinese and foreign lawyers participated in this work, to varying degrees depending on their availability and fields of expertise. »

Click on this link to get the digital version of the « Ricci » dictionary.

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