Leaders League 2020 – UGGC Law firm ranked in 9 categories in Tax law

UGGC is ranked among the best law firms in the 2020 edition of the guide Leaders League – Tax law.

The firm is ranked :

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UGGC - Leaders league uggc

UGGC - Avocat uettwiller jj

Jean-Jacques Uettwiller

UGGC - Avocat turon michel

Michel Turon

UGGC - Avocat khayat corinne

Corinne Khayat

Philippe Hansen

UGGC - Avocat glotin line alexa

Line-Alexa Glotin

UGGC - Laetitia squercioni 2021

Laetitia Squercioni


UGGC - Avocat billet damien

Damien Billet