International Investment

International Projects

Ever since UGGC & Associés was established, its international development policy has always centred on assistance offered to international investors by the Asset Department – Corporate Department.

UGGC & Associés advises and assists investors in all the phases of their project, from the legal and tax structuring of their investment project to handling any work necessary for its operation.

For each investment project, the firm carries out a strategic analysis of any legal and tax risks so that an optimum investment vehicle can be selected and an appropriate legal solution proposed: creation of investment funds, acquisitions, equity participation, rights transfer, joint ventures, restructuring, mergers, de-mergers, partial contributions of assets , etc.

UGGC & Associés has broad experience in the domain of investment and puts its expertise at the disposal of each investor. The firm is involved in all aspects of the investment process, from the preparation to the negotiation of legal documents (letters of interest, investment protocol, acquisition contracts, debt guarantees, etc.) as well as handling all legal formalities. The firm also assists investors with the financing of these projects (credit operations, leveraged operations, etc.) and then ensures a regular review of each investment operation.

The firm also assists investors in their operations to increase or decrease equity, plus securities and bond issues.

In all sectors of activity, UGGC & Associés advises companies, their directors and shareholders or any individual in the scope of acquisition operations or asset disposals as well as those wishing to consolidate their financial investments in France or overseas.

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