Public criminal and disciplinary law

Public criminal and disciplinary law

The Public Criminal and Disciplinary Law Department is dedicated to criminal and disciplinary cases involving politicians, officials, civil servants and other public services agents as well as their private partners.

The department covers :

Cases involving the audit of public accounts (in particular responses to the observations of the Regional Courts of Audit and the Cour of Audit), as well as mishandling of public funds (the Regional Courts of Audit and the Cour of Audit);

Numerous disciplinary litigations against public officials and civil servants subject to the jurisdiction of the Court of Budgetary and Financial Discipline;

As well as criminal prosecutions against national and local government representatives and their private partners, in particular relating to the following crimes:

  • infringement of the freedom of access and equality of candidates in public contracts and concessions (so-called offence of unjustified advantage or favouritism);
  • corruption, influence peddling, committed in France or abroad;
  • concussion;
  • embezzlement or misappropriation of funds and property (especially public funds);
  • illegal acquisition of interest (by cumulation or succession of functions);
  • forgery (particularly in documents submitted to the authorities);
  • fraud (on public funds);
  • abuse of authority, discrimination;
  • complicity and fencing in relation with these offences, in particular by private companies and their agents in partnership with public entities;

Questions of functional protection – due to public officials and employees under private law;

Ethics and prevention of corruption and corrupt practices: application of the Sapin II Law (art. 17, status of whistleblowers, code of good conduct, risk mapping, etc.) and ethical obligations, in administrations and companies.

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