Anne-Marie Pecoraro will be speaking on Wednesday, January 31, 2024 at the OTA matinale in the French Senate


Hosted by Senator Jean-Baptiste Blanc, and moderated by Gilles Camouilly, the speakers (Anne-Marie Pecoraro, UGGC partner specialized in IP, tech and personal data, Christophe Caurret, Creative Director Music Publicis France and co-director “Art & stories” for Prodigious, Cécile Limal, CEO Mobilis Pro and President of Digital Applications for FICAM) will speak on the transformational impact of AI in our audiovisual industry, highlighting concrete examples and practical experiences.

They will also address the fundamental legal issues that must accompany this technological revolution, particularly in terms of intellectual property, not forgetting the future arrival of the IA Act.

Finally, current practices in the management of personal and biometric databases used daily in production, and particularly around voice, will be discussed. The meeting will close with a question-and-answer session to further deepen our reflections.