Charles-Emmanuel Prieur will speak on February 4, 2021 at the Shareholder pacts conference organized by the EFE on the topic “Let’s strengthen the stability of your capital, master the different mechanisms”.

Charles-Emmanuel Prieur will speak on February 4, 2021, from 9:00 am to 10:30 am, at the conference Shareholder pacts organized by the EFE – Edition Formation Entreprise, on the topic “Let’s reinforce the stability of your capital, master the different mechanisms“.

It will cover the following issues in particular:

  • Equities and OC: how to choose the distribution of your investment?
  • Preference shares: what are the preference clauses concerning the transfer of securities?
  • Inalienability clauses: what limits?
  • Free Transfer Clauses: how to deal with patrimonial holding companies?
  • Pre-emption clause: a capital stabilization clause unavoidable?
  • Joint Assignment Clauses: how to organize the signing of the GAP?
  • Development capital operations: how to reconcile the interests of minority and majority investors?
  • What are the advantages conferred by preference shares?
  • Anti-dilution clause, pari passu clause: how to write these clauses. allowing to maintain one’s position in the shareholding?
  • PACTE law: how to use the new share buyback scheme by the company?
  • How to organize their repurchase?
  • Increase of capital by issuing new shares and conventional pre-emption: the jurisprudential assertion of an incompatibility in principle.
  • What are the differences between the buy or sell clause and the competitive bid or auction clause?
  • Determining the value of shares: what latitude does the appointed expert have?

The main objectives of this conference, which will take place remotely, are to :

  • master the new clauses used by specialists in the field and know how to write the strategic points of its pacts in a crisis context,
  • Integrate into your practice, all the consequences of the latest texts and learn from new case law decisions,
  • analyze clause after clause, the points on which you should be particularly vigilant.

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