EFE Conference – Conference by Charles-Emmanuel Prieur on Asset and Liability Guarantees

Charles-Emmanuel, Managing Partner of UGGC Avocats, will be speaking on Wednesday 8 December 2021 at a conference on Asset and Liability Guarantees.

On this occasion, Charles-Emmanuel will answer the following question: “Asset and liability warranties in a fundraising or in an equity investment”.

To answer this question, the following topics will be discussed:

  • Why provide for asset and liability guarantee in a fundraising transaction?
  • Who is the guarantor and who are the beneficiaries? Can the company give the guarantee?
  • Form of the guarantee: How to analyze the practice of simple declarations without a guarantee  provision?
  • Scope of the guarantee: what are the specificities of fundraising?
  • What is the intensity of the guarantee? How to deal with the knowledge of guarantors?
  • Guarantee event: which provision should be adapted to the situation of a minority shareholder?
  • Indemnification: how to determine it in a fundraising operation?
  • Can we provide for a reimbursement of the share premium paid?
  • How to structure “guaranteed” warrants in capital investment transactions?
  • Relation of the beneficiary of the guarantee: at what price should the shares be valued?

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