On 5/09/2022, FIRON-UGGC held a conference on “Between the Middle East and Africa, how to secure your investments in Morocco” at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) in Israel

September 7, 2022 – UGGC Avocats, one of the leading independent multidisciplinary law firms in France, welcomes the holding of an exceptional conference in Tel Aviv organised by the FIRON-UGGC alliance.

In line with the Abraham Agreements signed on September 15, 2020 guaranteeing the normalization of diplomatic relations between Israel and Morocco in particular, the international law firms, M. Firon & Co. and UGGC Africa have founded a platform of legal services, one of the main objectives of which is to support investments between Israel and Morocco but also towards Africa.

This unique combination will also create legal and business synergies for the clients of M. Firon & Co. and UGGC Avocats, and the pooling of dedicated teams of lawyers, representing more than 450 talents in some 20 locations, to support these synergies.

The conference, entitled “Between the Middle East and Africa, how to secure your investments in Morocco“, which took place on Monday 5 September 2022 at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) in Tel Aviv, was the first milestone in the accomplishment of FIRON-UGGC’s joint mission dedicated to the promotion and support of strategic and secure investments between the two countries.

The conference was held under the patronage of Israeli and Moroccan political personalities, including Mrs. Orna Barbivay, Minister of Economy and Industry of Israel, as well as His Excellency Abderrahim Beyyoudh, Head of the Moroccan Liaison Office in Israel, and in the presence of many institutional, business leaders, investment funds and lawyers.

FIRON-UGGC is delighted with the great success of this conference dedicated to the many entrepreneurs and investors who are considering developing their business in Morocco and Africa. Indeed, as Ali Bougrine, Managing Partner of UGGC Africa and partner of UGGC Avocats, states: “The opportunities are not limited to Israel and Morocco but extend beyond the borders. Morocco is committed to becoming or developing its role as a hub for Africa and this conference was an opportunity for prospective investors to discuss the challenges, incentives and successes in this regard.

The speakers at the conference’s round tables discussed the development of business between Israel and Morocco since the renewal of relations (Einat Levi), cooperation between the two countries, with Morocco acting as a real hub in Africa (Jacob Sarov, Lamia Merzouki, Yasmina Lahlou, Nicolas Manardo), the economic complementarity between the two countries (David Hamou, Sabine Segal, Dan Catariva, Mamoun Tahri-Joutei, Reda El Alj), and securing investments and partnerships in Morocco (Dana Firon Gross, Ali Bougrine, Seth R. Tovey, Yaniv Weidenfeld, Mohamed Oulkhouir).

Mrs. Orna Barbivay, Minister of Economy and Industry of Israel, welcomed this initiative of gathering and dialogue. She stated that the Israeli and Moroccan economies are complementary and that “the government’s ambition is to make trade between the two countries more flexible”.

UGGC Africa was represented by Maître Ali Bougrine. Corinne Khayat, David Gordon-Krief, Thierry Monteran and Michel Ponsard, partners of UGGC Avocats, were also present at the event to discuss with the speakers and guests the prospects for economic collaboration between Israel, Morocco and Africa.

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FIRON-UGGC is a new global leader in business law, combining the legal services of two leading law firms: M. Firon & Co. in Israel, UGGC Avocats in France and in Africa through its platform UGGC Africa.

FIRON-UGGC the first legal alliance bringing together the expertise and experience of leading lawyers from three main countries: Israel, France and Morocco.

FIRON-UGGC brings together the world’s best talent, regularly recognised by international rankings such as Chambers & Partners, The Legal 500, BDI, Dun’s100, IFLR 1000, Leaders League, etc.

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