The 1st December of the AFEC – Speech by Michel Ponsard on the competitive responsibility of companies

Michel Ponsard, a partner at UGGC Avocats specialising in competition and distribution law, spoke on Wednesday 1 December at a conference organised by the French Association for the Study of Competition.

On this occasion, Michel Ponsard answered the following question: “The competitive liability of companies: which litigation strategies?”

Description of the conference:

Directive 2014/104/EU of 26 November 2014 on damages actions for anti-competitive practices is seven years old. Its interpretation continues to raise a number of questions, particularly as regards its application over time. Beyond that, the legal regime of compensation actions still requires clarification from the CJEU, following the example of the preliminary ruling of 6 October 2021, as well as from the French courts.

Against whom to act? What proof of fault is required? What damage can be repaired? What compensation? These are some of the questions that will be addressed at the “1st December of the AFEC”.

The recent developments concerning actions for damages in case of anti-competitive practices have been deciphered by :

  • Muriel Chagny, Professor at UVSQ-Paris-Saclay, President of AFEC ;
  • Claire Karsenti, Partner, Sorgem Evaluation ;
  • Irène Luc, Vice-President of the French Competition Authority;
  • Michel Ponsard, Partner, UGGC, Vice-President of the AFEC;
  • Antoine Riquier, Lawyer, Hausfeld law firm.

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