A new commission for the remuneration of journalists


The decree of 29 April 2021 replaces the Commission of Journalists’ Copyrights – “Commission des Droits d’Auteur des Journalistes” in French, abbreviated CADJ, founded in 2010, to institute a Common Commission for the Remuneration of Journalists and other Authors, under both their copyright and the neighboring right of press agencies and publishers.

Initially provided for in articles R. 132-18 to R. 132-27 of the French Intellectual Property Code (CPI), this new structure will work respectively on copyright and neighboring rights.

Indeed, journalists are entitled to a complementary salary, in the form of copyright or bonus salary, when their writings are reused in other media. This mechanism is provided for in article L. 132-44 of the CPI.

Thereafter, journalists are entitled to an “appropriate and equitable” share of the remuneration due to publishers and press agencies for their neighboring rights, according to article L. 218-5 of the CPI.

These remunerations are subject to negotiations between journalists, on the one hand, and professional organizations and press companies, on the other hand. The new commission will intervene to facilitate these branch agreements or to set the remuneration due to these authors if need be.

The decree specifies the composition of this commission, the terms of referral and the possible means of appeal against the decisions it will take.

By the IP/IT team of UGGC Avocats

Source : Légifrance