Environmental Law

Industrial Environmental Law

UGGC & Associés has a specialised team (one partner and two associates) capable of providing precise and practical answers to its clients’ environmental issues as well as integrating or enhancing these within an overall strategy defined in collaboration with other departments in the firm.

The main areas of expertise of the Environment team are: Restricted Installation law, Mining law, Refuse law, Energy law, Water law and Land law.
The Environment team in particular assists clients through the entire life-cycle of an industrial or infrastructure project:

  • At the design phase of the project or in replying to a call to tender/PPP offer (preliminary definition and review of environmental constraints, project feasibility study in a specific location, etc.)
  • Throughout administrative procedures necessary for the setting up and operation of the project (permit applications, assessing impacts and dangers, fire hazards, public enquiries, etc.)
  • Throughout operation whether in terms of litigation concerning operation permits, managing relations with authorities and approval procedures or managing relations with third parties (contracts, civil liability litigation, etc.)
  • Disposing of assets or buying concerns
  • Project completion stage and site restoration.

The Environment team also assists its clients regarding all the various environmental laws applicable to their activities (emissions allowance transactions, REACH directive, etc.).

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