Environmental Law

Waste Law

Waste life cycle management is at the heart of the environmental expertise of UGGC Avocats’ “Environmental Law” team.

With a detailed knowledge of the waste processing professions, the team works on a variety of subjects ranging from the put into circulation of the waste-generating material to the reuse of waste as resources:

The put into circulation of the waste-generating material:

  • extended producer responsibility (EPR),
  • eco-design and obsolescence management,
  • marking of the products and environmental communication,
  • tax (eco-contributions, TIC, VAT),
  • preventives policies.

Waste management:

  • collection, transport and cross-border movement of waste
  • trade in waste,
  • sorting, recycling, recovery and disposal of waste,
  • traceability of waste,
  • Tax (TGAP, TEOM),
  • waste management policies,
  • responsibility of the stakeholders in the waste management chain.

Reuse of waste as resources:

  • conditions for the re-use of waste material (REACH, POPs, etc.),
  • exit from waste status,
  • experimentation,
  • tax (TGAP, VAT),
  • incentives policies.

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