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Harbor & maritime

UGGC Avocats and more particularly UGGC AVOCATS in Marseille accompanies and advises the actors of the maritime and harbor sector in this field specific issues at the crossroads of public law and private law.

Our harbor and maritime expertise includes:

  • all issues related to concessions (public contracts, taxation, etc.),
  • the legal and fiscal arrangements dedicated to facilities operation  (exploitation of forms of refit, terminals),
  • sales of business, acquisitions (marinas, marine insurance brokerage companies, mixed capital companies),
  • the domain and real estate law and leases,
  • littoral, environmental and urban topics,
  • works contracts (assistance with contract management of the market, settlement of amicable or contentious accounts, advice and litigation of constructive disorders).

We intervene both in the negotiation stage, and in the validation of proposed arrangements and litigation (including local taxation, competition and advertising rules, internal and European regulations on public aid).

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