Charles-Emmanuel Prieur and Marine Simonnot will be speakers on April 8, 2021 at the “Restructuring Techniques” conference organized by the EFE

Charles-Emmanuel Prieur and Marine Simonnot will be speakers on April 8, 2021 at the conference Restructuring techniques organized by the EFE – Edition Formation Entreprise, on the theme “In a context of crisis, master the new restructuring techniques to make the difference”.

Marine Simonnot, will speak from 11h.30 am to 12.20 am on the following topic:

 “The search for an agreement or why and how to set up a preventive measure such as the ad hoc mandate or conciliation? »

She will cover the following issues in particular:

  • Why take the initiative for a prevention measure? What is the desired goal? How effective is it?
  • How to choose between an ad hoc mandate and conciliation?
  • What are the conditions for initiating prevention measures? What is the duration of the prevention measures?
  • How is an ad hoc mandatary/conciliator chosen? What are the rights, obligations and attributions of the ad hoc mandatary/conciliator? How is the mission of the ad hoc mandatary/conciliator defined?
  • What is the scope in the case of a group of companies?
  • Which creditors should be negotiated with? Can a standstill be imposed on creditors?
  • Preventive measures, what are the new ones? covid devices, transposition of the European directive Insolvency

Charles-Emmanuel Prieur will speak from 3 to 4 p.m. on the following topic: “Strengthening equity capital with the entry of a new shareholder in a period of crisis”.

He will cover the following matters:

  • How to structure a capital investment in a distressed company?
  • The conversion of debt into capital: principles and methods?
  • How to impose the restructuring of capital?
  • What legal tools should be suggested for the investment?
  • How to restructure a new governance agreement with management?
  • What are the sensitive clauses of the shareholders’ agreement?

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