Thierry Montéran



Who am I?

Puppeteer, who became a lawyer since January 16, 1980, I decided to “put down my plate” after 6 months of training, and then I was convinced of the need for lawyers to regroup and specialize.

From a good association and after a visit to the firm Arthur Andersen, I participated, alongside Jean-Jacques Uettwiller and Jean-François Canat, in the creation of UGGC Avocats in 1993.



The combination of our differences has allowed us to gather and unite other talents that have made UGGC successful.


My practice

My core business is the right of struggling companies in which at all levels I work with a loyal team that I appreciate and for all sorts of businesses, from the smallest to the most important in all regions of France.

I attach particular importance to sharing, which led me to organize trainings and write many articles.

Aware of the loneliness of the entrepreneur in difficulty, I joined Thierry Bellot alongside the accountants in the creation and success of the CIP National, which I chaired for three years.

As an activist in the service of companies, I took part alongside Agnes Bricard, President of the Conseil Supérieur of the Order of Chartered Accountants, to create prevention insurance to finance measures to prevent companies in difficulty.

Career and languages

  • Président de la Commission "entreprises en difficulté" de l’Association des Avocats Conseils d’Entreprise (ACE) - Depuis 2004
  • Associé et co-fondateur, UGGC Avocats - 1993
  • Avocat, Barreau de Paris - 1980
  • Certificats de spécialisation : droit commercial et droit des sociétés
  • Maîtrise en droit de la Faculté de Paris II-Panthéon Assas, Institut d’Etudes Judiciaires
  • Administrateur de l’Institut Français des Praticiens des Procédures Collectives
  • Membre de l’Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA)
  • Directeur scientifique de la Gazette des Procédures Collectives
  • Président du CIP National (Centre d’Information sur la Prévention des entreprises en difficulté)
  • Exercice individuel puis Associé du Cabinet Errera, Ménard et Montéran
  • French
  • English