Jeune Afrique Business+ : Ali Bougrine and Laurent Sablé ranked among the 100 most influential business lawyers in Francophone Africa

UGGC Avocats is delighted to see two of its partners from the Paris and Casablanca offices ranked in the Jeune Afrique Business+ magazine.


  • Ali Bougrine, partner in Paris and managing partner of the Casablanca office, is ranked 20th out of 100,
  • Laurent Sablé, partner in Paris and Casablanca, ranked 43rd out of 100.


To achieve this ranking, Jeune Afrique’s team of analysts based themselves on the number of assignments entrusted to the lawyers, the countries in which they operate, the cumulative underlying financial value of their cases and finally, the complexity of the cases handled.

Thus, Jeune Afrique and Jeune Afrique Business+ offer a unique panorama of business law practitioners in French-speaking Africa.

Click on this link if you wish to consult the ranking!