Scriptwriters appeal to the Minister of Culture Roselyne Bachelot


The “Paroles de scénaristes” collective is composed of authors for the small and big screen, and has been present since December 2020 on Facebook, where screenwriters are free to give their testimony anonymously. The magazine Télérama has opened its columns to the collective, which has published a column in it.

The collective reminds the readers of their essential role in the audiovisual creative process, while describing themselves as “the weakest link”. Through this forum, they wish to be recognized for their work: to be reconsidered as co-creators, by being better associated with films, series and their communication.

In question, an overwhelming system, and working conditions that the signatories no longer want to accept. Screenwriters complain about the invisibility of which they are the victims, in particular by alarming about the financial precariousness of this profession but also about the possible reappropriation of their work.

Thus, they appeal to the public authorities to respond to this call for help by giving them legitimate means and rights such asunemployment, paid vacations, social protection.

“France can no longer remain one of the countries with the lowest budget allocations for writing, between 1% and 3% of a work’s budget, compared to 10% to 15% in the United States for cinema. There is an urgent need to provide a framework for writing with minimum remuneration,” they explain.

In fact, the screenwriters who signed the platform recall that in France, collective agreements governing writing are particularly short, applying to television, to the detriment of film authors.

Consequently, they  offer to Roselyne Bachelot, Minister of Culture, to set up “Etats généraux du scénario” and call on the entire sector to join their demands.

One point that should not be disputed is that the entire chain and production should question the methods and means allocated to screenplays, with a view to giving themselves real resources for writing.

At the same time, in an article published in Le Monde, the SACD’s executive director and Pathé’s co-president called for opening up CNC support to platforms in order to initiate a « profound modernization of our creative support system. »

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