Report of the European Commission on its evaluation of the automotive block exemption regulation


June 2021 – The European Commission publishes its report and working document on its evaluation of the automotive block exemption regulation.

The European Commission has just published its report and working document on its assessment of the block exemption regulation applicable to the automotive sector, whose review phase was launched in December 2018.

The Commission considers that while the sector remains subject to real competition, particularly at the distribution stage, the automotive repair and parts market can be improved. In particular, it is essential that independent repairers have access to essential inputs such as spare parts, tools, training, technical information and vehicle-generated data in order to maintain a relevant competitive pressure on the automotive repair market. Similarly, contractual stipulations between original equipment suppliers and vehicle manufacturers may lead to a reduction in the choice available to end consumers.

The Commission is now entering the policy development phase of the review to decide by May 31, 2023 whether to renew the current automotive block exemption regime, revise it, or let it expire.

Read the Commission press release.

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