Public Law

Public litigation

At UGGC Avocats, our expertise in the various fields of public law allows our Public Business Law department to use a cross-disciplinary approach to public litigation, which is one of their primary areas of activity.

Drawing on the expertise of other teams within the firm, we provide our clients with comprehensive litigation strategies, which could involve bringing legal action before all national and European courts, including constitutional courts (for matters of constitutional justice), and administrative or ordinary courts.

The team has developed a particularly strong track record in three areas:

  • contract litigation, from the contracting process (pre-contractual interlocutory procedures, actions for annulment against the contract, or claims for damages) to contract performance (settlement of disputes regarding performance, penalties for non-performance, termination of contracts, contractual liability, etc.);
  • litigation relating to economic regulations (challenges to decisions made by regulatory and regulation authorities);
  • and liability litigations, from the liability of public persons (contractual liability, economic regulation, damage caused by civil engineering works, etc.), to the liability of private individuals, including the consequences (in terms of compensation) of anti-competitive agreements.
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