Public Law

Professional ethics, deontology, compliance, disciplinary litigation, and criminal law

Over many years, UGGC Avocats has developed a range of services to handle the criminal law, disciplinary, ethical, and deontological constraints related to the management of public organisations and the relations between private-sector operators and public bodies.

Drawing on their recognised expertise in financial disciplinary law and public criminal law, our lawyers in the Public Business Law department advise public and private clients on the implementation of prudential measures designed to ensure the compliance of their practices and protect their executives and managers (criminal risk audits, drafting of codes of conduct or codes of ethics, etc.).

The team works frequently with legal entities and natural persons, including high-ranking officials subject to disciplinary proceedings (particularly for cases heard at the Court of Budgetary and Financial Discipline (Cour de Discipline Budgétaire et Financière) or who are defendants in criminal proceedings, as well as clients involved in budgetary, financial, and accounting audits.

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