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CSR reporting, sustainable development, compliance,

UGGC Law Firm has a strong expertise in regulations and communications relating to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, as well as in compliance programs.

We regularly assist our clients (companies and stakeholders) in the following areas:

  • Audits, due diligence, risk mapping;
  • Preparation, updating and analysis of compliance programs and their implementation at international and local levels;
  • Preparation, updates and analysis of charters, codes of conduct, reports and other voluntary declarations;
  • Responsibility of parent companies for the activities of subsidiaries, subcontractors and suppliers;
  • Determination of obligations in terms of establishing and implementing vigilance plans;
  • Third party evaluation process;
  • Policies for the promotion of diversity;
  • Securing international contracts and drafting compliance clauses;
  • Assitance and representation for investigations and litigation.

Our expertise allows us to assist clients in a variety of sectors (fashion, luxury goods, audiovisual, packaging, restaurants, etc.) including on the following issues: anti-corruption and business ethics; respect for human rights; labor law, health and safety standards, freedom of association; compliance with environmental obligations; supply chain control; obligations applicable to franchise networks; tax liabilities; requirements resulting from competition law (state aid, anti-competitive practices, etc.); personal data and cyber security.

We are used to assisting companies, investors/shareholders, associations, professional organizations/trade unions, representatives of civil society and other stakeholders. We have the ability to offer multi-territorial support programs, particularly in support of audio-visual or communication projects.

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