Media, communication, entertainment

Press, photography, image, reputation and crisis communication,

UGGC Law Firm has a strong expertise in press law, protection of image rights (persons and property) and privacy, reputation and crisis communication.

The Firm provides legal services in the following areas:

  • Pre-litigation and litigation relating to press offences in both civil and criminal matters: defamation, insult, right of reply, etc. ;
  • Preparation and legal review of reports and other publications with regard to risks of defamation and other press offences, risk assessment and communication strategy arising therefrom;
  • Protection of image rights and privacy, particularly on social networks;
  • Actions against identity theft, phishing and other online scams to the detriment of individuals and companies;
  • Contracts for the use of individuals’ image rights and image rights applicable to goods ;
  • Contracts with agents.

The team assists individuals, public figures, celebrities, as well as companies, professional organizations/trade unions, foundations and NGOs,

The firm also advises photographers, renowned models, agencies and fashion houses for photo and video shoots, commissions and assignments of rights on photographs, contracts for the hiring of models.

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