Media, communication, entertainment

Sport, e-sport, gaming and betting

UGGC Law Firm has a recognized expertise in sports law and e-sport, as well as in sports betting and gaming.

The firm is particularly active in the following areas:

  • Regulatory aspects; contracts; structures for financing;
  • Athletes’ image rights; rights of sports event organizers; broadcasting of sports events and e-sports;
  • Partnerships; sponsorships; co-marketing; investments; acquisitions; supply and other provision of services;
  • Organization of sports events and e-sports; shows/ceremonies; audio-visual recordings and productions;
  • Regulations, codes of ethics, charters, gender and diversity issues, CSR;
  • Protection of the image and reputation of sportsmen and broadcasters;
  • Regulation of the organization of sports games and betting, promotion and advertising, sports forecasts;
  • Employment and immigration law applied to sportsmen and women and e-sports players.

The Firm assists athletes and their agents, organizers of sporting events as well as operators of gaming, betting and forecasts..

The Firm regularly participates in industry events, such as ESports BAR, the Observatory of Audiovisual Transformation and the Mediaclub.

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