Media, communication, entertainment

Shows, theatrical performances and events

The dedicated team of UGGC Law Firm has undeniable expertise and a recognized practice in assisting producers, creators and other stakeholders in the fields of entertainment, theatrical performances and major events in France and abroad in private or public venues for over 20 years. The firm is particularly active in the following areas

  • Advice and strategies in the following fields:
    • creation, conception, financing, structuring, development, pre-production, production, post-production of shows and events ;
    • exploitation of shows throughout their life cycle, in particular with regard to their launch, promotion, adaptation and distribution, dismantling ;
    • communication campaigns;
    • valorisation of assets ;
    • marketing strategy including secondary uses;
    • issues relating to musical rights, revenue rights, and the scope of collective management organisations;
    • regulations applicable to concert halls and other venues;
    • export of shows or events abroad and international transactions;
    • executive production and orders made to service providers for events (including fashion shows, etc.).
  • Negotiation and drafting of complex contracts (production contracts, financing, licenses, etc.), and assistance in the performance of all kinds of agreements;
  • Drafting and negotiation of contracts for the assignment of rights from all talents, creators and performers (designers, directors, stage directors, choreographers, scenographers, photographers, musicians, songwriters, actors, artists, performers, models, dancers, programmers and conceptors) and authorizations for the use of their personal rights and privacy rights, including rights relating to personal data (name, stage name, biographical data, likeness and image, honor, reputation, moral rights);
  • Financial operations and financing schemes;
  • Scope of collective management organisations for the rights of producers, authors and performers;
  • Status of artists and talents ;
  • Subsidies, sponsorship, patronage and taxation;
  • Contracts with influencers ;
  • Rights clearance, i.e. obtaining authorization to use from right holders;
  • Audiovisual recording ;
  • Pre-litigation;
  • Litigation.

Our team of attorneys is assisting a variety of clients including:

  • Renowned producers and organizers of shows, concerts, ceremonies, presented in France (Stade de France, Paris Opera, other venues) and throughout the world (Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin, London, Las Vegas, Macao, Wuhan, Dubai…). ) for all legal aspects related to the launch of shows around the world, including drafting and negotiating production contracts, creators/designers contracts; legal structuring of shows and tours; management of musical rights; consequences arising from affiliation with American or European collective management organizations; drafting and negotiating licensing agreements with local entertainment producers; reviewing contracts for temporary use of the public domain, etc.
  • Famous luxury brands for all legal issues related to the organization and promotion of events, fashion shows, concerts, shows in private or public places, digital and physical communication,
  • Art Shows, Biennials and Festivals for the national and international development of their projects;
  • Foundations for the legal support of any event or show for institutional purposes and other purposes including preservation of the environment; art; promotion, non-profit, philanthropy; digital uses; education and societal development; as well as productions integrating virtual or augmented reality techniques (AR/VR) and/or artificial intelligence,
  • Agents and representatives in charge of the promotion and distribution of shows, particularly in China;
  • Artistic directors, directors, set designers, choreographers, costume designers, songwriters and other creators of shows, magazines and events in the context of the protection, negotiation and defense of their rights.

The team expertise is recognized by international and national rankings of lawyers, including the Legal 500, Leaders League, Media Law International, Chambers & Partners. Best Lawyers and Who’s Who Legal.

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