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The dedicated team of UGGC Law Firm has an indisputable expertise and a recognized practice in the field of music law.

The team operates in particular in the following areas:

  • Drafting and negotiation of contracts between various stakeholders including:
  • Music publishing and co-publishing contracts; contracts for royalty payments in return for services; contracts for the management of publishing rights;
  • Contracts for the commission of original scores and soundtracks;
  • Recording contracts with performing artists and musicians;
  • Licensing contracts and contracts for distribution on physical media and digital platforms;
  • Contracts for the assignment of assets ;
  • Contracts with agents and managers;
  • Contracts for the organization of tours, concerts, shows and other events;
  • Scope of collective management organisations in France and abroad;
  • Proceedings for recovery and bankruptcy of production companies and/or publishing companies;
  • Liability of musical content sharing platforms;
  • Legal structuring of companies producing and distributing musical content (streaming websites and platforms);
  • Fight against copyright infringement: legal actions for copyright infringement, expertise for work comparison, site-blocking of websites providing massively infringing websites, de-indexing infringing websites;
  • Pre-litigation and litigation in relation with copyright infringement, comparison of musical compositions through legal expertise, contractual non-performance (violations of exclusivity, breach of requirement of continuous exploitations, reporting reporting, etc.).

The firm assists music publishers, record companies, music distributors, start-ups, streaming platforms, composers, agents, DJs, performers and well-known orchestras. The team has in-depth knowledge of customary practices in both classical and contemporary music.

UGGC regularly participates in industry events such as the MIDEM (International Market for Recording and Music Publishing), SWSW (South by Southwest), the Observatoire de la Transformation Audiovisuelle and Mediaclub.

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