Best Lawyers 2023 – 20 Partners Honored as “Best Lawyers”

We congratulate the 20 UGGC Avocats partners who were voted “Best Lawyer” by Best Lawyers in their respective practices


Sophie Uettwiller in Employee Benefits Law, Labor and Employment Law and Litigation

Jean-François Canat in Art Law and Litigation

Jean-Philippe Crot in Mergers and Acquisitions Law
Thierry Dal Farra Administrative Law and Public law
Line-Alexa Glotin in Trusts and estate
David Gordon-Krief in Litigation and Real Estate Law
Philippe Hansen in Construction law and Public law
Corinne Khayat in Competition / Antitrust law
Franck Lepron in Administrative law and Public law
Elisabeth Logeais in Information technology law
Thierry Montéran in Arbitration and mediation, Insolvency and reorganization law and Litigation
Olivier Moriceau in Banking and finance law
Anne-Marie Pecoraro in Media law
Michel Ponsard in Competition / Antitrust law, European Union law and litigation
Charles-Emmanuel Prieur in INvestment, Mergers and acquisitions law
Laurent Sablé in Capital Markets law and Mergers and acquisitions law
Marine Simonnot in Insolvency and reorganization law
Michel Turon in Tax law
Jean-Jacques Uettwiller in Arbitration and mediation, Litigation, Mergers and Acquisitions Law
Sylvie Welsch in Health care law

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